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Neo Cloud is the foremost provider of cyber security solutions in Nigeria, with headquarters in Abuja. We are committed to providing security services of the highest caliber to businesses across the nation, enabling them to safeguard their digital assets from cyber threats. Our team of security professionals is committed to staying abreast of the most recent industry trends and best practices, utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques to provide our clients with the highest level of protection possible. From penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to compliance auditing and round-the-clock monitoring, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the specific requirements of Nigerian enterprises. With Neo Cloud, your digital assets are in safe hands.


  • Cyber Security Assessment Services : Knowing your weaknesses is the first step in protecting your assets, data, personnel, and systems.Neo Cloud Cyber Security does more than simply generate reports.We will accompany you on your voyage.From identification, to exploitation, to remediation, and on-going monitoring, we use our expertise to safeguard you.So that you can focus on your strengths.


  • Phishing Assessment Services: Using a three-step process, our phishing assessments evaluate the human component of your organization.We conduct blatant, intermediate, and customized phishing campaigns to identify high-risk employees and detect potential counterfeit emails.


  • Secure Code Review Services: A secure code review is a specialized procedure that involves manually and/or automatically scrutinizing an application’s source code to identify design flaws, unsafe coding techniques, backdoors, injection flaws, cross-site scripting issues, and weak cryptography, among other vulnerabilities. The objective of secure code review is to enhance the code’s security and identify any vulnerabilities before they can cause damage. Secure code review is a procedure that identifies insecure code that could potentially result in a vulnerability at a later stage of software development and ultimately lead to an insecure application.


  • Cyber Education Services: Currently, the industry is contending on two fronts. First, with the emergence and sophistication of new cyber threats, and second, with the widening “cyber skills gap” and severe shortage of resources to combat adversaries.While technologies to mitigate cyber threats are being developed at a rapid rate, there are insufficient resources with the necessary domain experience and expertise to operate on these technologies.Organizations invest a fortune in the development of training programs and platforms in order to get their cyber warriors up and running.However, many are unable to address this demand-supply equation.


Neo Cloud Cyber Security has recognized the turmoil the industry is experiencing and developed a one-of-a-kind “Industry Enablement Program” to prepare industry entrants on cutting edge cyber technologies, domains, and processes, which are essential for an organization to defend, attack, and become cyber resilient. Our “Cyber Education” service covers the majority of cyber security domains and is highly modular and adaptable to meet the specific and general requirements of this industry. Moreover, it ensures that the resources are industry-ready with a very fast turnaround. A program that enables you to do what you need, when you need it.




  •  Network Penetration Services: Network VAPT, or network vulnerability assessment and penetration test, is a technical security assessment that goes beyond simple port scanning and vulnerability enumeration to identify potential security flaws and their effects on your business. In order to protect a company’s networks, website servers, and other applications from being compromised by hackers, network security testing is an essential technique. Simulating attempts to gain unauthorized access to the target network is an important part of analyzing the present level of network security.




  • Web Application Testing Services: Web application security testing is the process of replicating a hacker-style attack on your web application in order to identify and analyze security flaws that an attacker could exploit. Web applications are vital to the success of a business and a desirable target for cybercriminals. Web application testing is the proactive identification of application vulnerabilities, such as those that could lead to the loss of confidential user and financial data.