Our Support Team

Brown George

Head - Training & Research

Godstime Edet

Head - Software Engineering

Anthony Ojei

Head - Digital Marketing

Sharon Omolegbe


Jerry Brown

Head - Visual Communications

Who are Neolites?

Talented, forward-thinking individuals who want to work with forward-thinking organizations. Because the firm has a history of innovation, Neo Cloud Technologies is designed to attract anyone who is going to build the next great thing. We foster and develop innovators because they want to be challenged and pushed to innovate on regular basis.

successful Cognoscente

Meet The Knowledge Ningas

The Magicians

Stephanie Micheal

Information System

Jason Joshua

Web Designer - Front-End Developer

Alex Cheta

Designer - Brand Developer

Faith Okeke

Data Analyst

Gideon Abayomi

Cyber Security - Programmer

Choice Edugbo

Information System

kalu chimnyerem

Admin Officer

Ezra Okey

Product Designer

Paul Jeremiah

Full Stack Developer

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