The Neo Inventors Summer Bootcamp 2023, Abuja.

This summer, the Neo Cloud Learning Institute will be holding practical hands-on ICT training and computer programming courses in Abuja for children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 17. The goal of these courses is to help participants make the most of their summer break, provide them with the ICT skills, digital literacy, and awareness necessary for the development of their academic and professional careers, and give them the digital literacy advantage.


  • Coding – Kids & Teens
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Teens
  • Machine Learning – Teens
  • Robotics – Kids & Teens
  • Graphic Design – Kids & Teens
  • Data Analysis – Teens
  • Animation – Kids & Teens
  • UI/UX – Kids & Teens
  • Digital Marketing – Teens
  • Cybersecurity – Kids & Teens
  • IT Fundamentals – Kids & Teens
  • Mobile App Development – Teens
  • Game Development – Kids & Teens
  • Scratch – Kids & Teens

Training Benefits

  • Innovation and Problem Solving Skill – ICT training fosters a culture of innovation and problem-solving. Kids & Teens with ICT skills can develop creative solutions using technology to address various challenges in diverse fields.
  • Access to Information and Resources – With ICT training, Teens can navigate the internet and digital libraries effectively, gaining access to vast amounts of information and learning resources.
  • Future Job Opportunities – As technology continues to advance, coding and programming skills are becoming increasingly valuable in the job market. Early exposure to coding gives children a head start in fields like computer science, software development, data science, and more.
  • Online Safety – Cybersecurity training educates children about the potential risks and dangers they may encounter online, such as cyberbullying, inappropriate content, scams, and identity theft. Understanding these risks empowers them to make safer decisions while using the internet.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork – Many robotics programs involve group projects, encouraging kids to work collaboratively with their peers. Through teamwork, they develop communication skills and learn to respect diverse perspectives and contributions.
  • Digital Literacy – Learning to code provides children with digital literacy, empowering them to understand and interact with technology effectively. In a world where technology is ubiquitous, digital literacy is essential for navigating daily life, education, and future careers.

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