Neo Cloud Technologies

Neo Cloud Technologies has dragged a well-known brand name and has gained global recognition in achieving high-quality end results as a leading IT Company in Abuja, Nigeria.

It offers diversity in order to create a new marketplace to work on and to enhance its profitability. Neo Cloud Technologies ensures its clients about service level of end users as well with the help of services offering and services level. The company continuously works on innovative ideas in mobile applications so that it could be the leading one to provide best innovative solutions in future. The company is heading towards leading IT firms working hand in hand as per booming technology.

Growth Strategies

To reach a new market and current market share

Reinforcement of corporate presence and improvement in services

Enrichment of our proficiency by organizing various training programs

Introduction of technologies and unlimited improvement in quality system

Our expert consultants review technical, business and organisational requirements and provide impartial advice and a clear unambiguous recommendations.


We ensure to have cost-effective and reasonable development solutions.
We work on esteemed client requirement by providing onsite work too.
We offer our clients 24 * 7 services in order to meet time variations of various countries.
We use special managing tools to ensure the perfect work processes.

idea Conversion

When you can't find what your looking for, talk to us to find out how to minimise the risks and get the best out of a new project.
Neo Cloud Technologies perfectly analyze your requirements and designs to offer client satisfaction.
Our project managers plan out various strategies and the perfectly coordinate the various teams such as designing team, programming team, development team, SEO team and QA team.
We interact with our clients on a regular basis so as to get their feedback if any. Finally, our team of experts tests the quality of project and end results and then showcases that to the client.

Partnership and

Why get a partnership with Neo Cloud Technologies?

Fewer Risks
Technical Support
Brand Association
Promotional Opportunities

We appreciate your interest in partnering with us. You can send your details about your company, areas of interest and contact information too, and we will contact you within 24 hours. We own a brand name having:

4+ Years of Experience
500+ Projects Completed
10+ Team Members